Beyond the Illusion by Alex Roseman
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Beyond the Illusion by Alex Roseman

Conceptualizer & Co-creator of The New Earth Movement & Foundation

Hey wonderful readers! It’s Alex Roseman here, and I’m excited to share my transformative journey with you in this blog post. Life has a funny way of leading us through twists and turns, and mine has been no exception. From the challenges of my early years to the unexpected encounters that have shaped my present, each step has been a lesson in authenticity, love, and self-discovery.

Growing up as the third in a line of four children in West Sussex, my early years were marred by turbulence. My mother, the family’s lighthouse, battled breast cancer, her illness casting a shadow over our family. Even as she fought her sickness, her strength was a testament to her unyielding spirit. However, her eventual passing shortly after my ninth birthday marked a turning point in my life, extinguishing the guiding light I had clung to.

The upheaval continued as we moved to West London with our father and his new partner. Our home, doubling as an office for his celebrity agency business, was a constant whirlwind of activity, emotions, and a showbiz lifestyle that often left me and my siblings feeling like we were in the way. This environment, coupled with the emotional void and frequent confrontations, forced me into the role of a peacekeeper at a young age, navigating on eggshells and internalising my struggles.

My school years mirrored the chaos at home, finding myself neither here nor there, a middle kid trying to avoid trouble, yet involuntarily attracting it. The lack of peace and understanding drove me into survival mode, leading to brushes with rough crowds, and initiating a pattern of seeking solace in external validations and high-risk behaviours.

My journey through various careers was a kaleidoscope of experiences, each reflecting a phase in my tumultuous search for authenticity. I ventured through roles, from working as a barman to training as a chef and engaging in heartfelt volunteer work with VSO, each position teaching me invaluable lessons. My path then led me to co-run a promotional company for VIP night clubs across central London.

I found myself caught in a lifestyle that ultimately proved unsustainable. It led me down a slippery slope of intoxication, and I realised that I needed to make a change. Desiring a more fulfilling way of life, I  transitioned into the music industry, hoping to find a new path that aligned with my passions. Unfortunately, what I encountered only seemed to exacerbate the very issues I was trying to escape. It was a disillusioning experience, forcing me to confront my deepest desires and reassess my priorities.

It took me a while to find my footing, after which I sought stability and spent five years in the structured world of IT recruitment and then fully immersing myself in acting. Acting was not a mere hobby; it was a passion, an escape into different personas, a refuge from myself. To support this passion, I worked multiple jobs that allowed for flexibility. After a few years of grappling with financial instability and emotional turmoil from a challenging relationship, I transitioned into more steady work at a call centre, which still offered a degree of flexibility to support my acting career.

There was a certain satisfaction in surpassing my targets, particularly knowing that my efforts were making a positive impact on numerous charities worldwide. However, this sense of achievement was bittersweet, overshadowed by a feeling of unfulfillment and the persistent realisation that I was still far from where I aspired to be in my journey. As my internal conflicts heightened, my confidence began to crumble. The roles became harder to perform, not for lack of skill, but because the character I had built to protect myself was fracturing, making it increasingly difficult to slip into other characters with the conviction I once had.

The turning point came with a breakdown in 2015, highlighting the war I was waging against myself. This realisation propelled me into the world of personal development, attending various seminars, workshops, and courses, drawing from the wisdom of influential figures like Tony Robbins.

Profoundly, Destiny unveiled its plan in 2016, during the Unleash the Power Within event. In a twist of fate, my future wife, Julia, was also there, accompanied by her ex-husband, while I was in attendance with my ex-girlfriend. We were both sculpting visions of our respective futures, not knowing they were meant to intertwine. It wasn’t until 18 months after attending UPW that I discovered my true calling, transitioning into an international speaker and motivating others by recounting my journey and insights.

A new chapter began in 2019 after a speaking engagement in Cyprus, a country that offered a peaceful respite from my internal turmoil. Embracing this serendipity, I relocated without reservation, finding in that decision a sense of belonging I hadn’t known before.

The unexpected encounter with Julia around New Year’s Eve in Cyprus heralded the beginning of a transformative partnership. Amid the global chaos of the Covid pandemic, we braved various challenges together, ranging from navigating emotional complexities, and reshaping family dynamics, to steering entrepreneurial ventures. These experiences did not weaken our connection; instead, they fortified the partnership, fostering a union rooted in mutual growth, understanding and love.

With her history of engaging in the Hoffman Process around 2013 and immersing herself in numerous other spiritual practices, we became an anchor and a guide for one another as we sailed through the tumultuous waters of our burgeoning relationship. Our journey was not without its storms: I stepped into the role of a bonus dad for her two sons, a beautiful yet intricate adjustment. The world outside was chaotic, and in a decisive move, we took the first flight out of Cyprus as soon as the 2020 lockdown lifted, driven by a profound inner calling that resonated within us.

This period was intense, yet, rather than driving us apart, these challenges seemed to weave our lives together more harmoniously. We were more than partners; we were soulmates facing the world. But it was during this epoch of external bustle and business endeavours, with the New Earth Cafe we created just blooming and the “Self Love” store in its nascent stages amongst other projects, that internal revelations started to reshape my personal landscape.

A crisis emerged when two individuals departed from key roles in our shared business in quick succession. This jolt forced me to confront an uncomfortable truth: I was the common denominator in these sequences of events. It dawned on me that the chaos wasn’t solely external; it mirrored a tumult deep within me. My ingrained patterns of lacking boundaries and an innate desire to please others had left me vulnerable, an easy target for emotional manipulation.

It was a gruelling acknowledgement, understanding that the approval I had sought tirelessly, especially from figures such as my father, had led to a painful inner dissonance and self-neglect. The turmoil wasn’t just around me; it was within me. This profound realisation paved the way for my journey through the Hoffman Process, driven by an urgent need for change and internal harmony.

These experiences were stepping stones, leading me to the transformative power of the Hoffman Process I undertook in 2022. This process wasn’t just another course but an excavation of the self. I delved into the depths of my childhood, confronting the realities I had long suppressed, and began the painstaking work of piecing myself back together.

The subsequent journey through the Hoffman Process was nothing short of revelatory, enabling me to confront my childhood experiences, understand my patterns, and embrace a path of healing and unconditional love. This newfound awareness was a catalyst for the most honest conversation of my life with Julia, where I bared the depths of my soul, fears, and shame, only to be met with acceptance and love. It shattered any preconceived notions of what I had experienced love to be, leading to a profound transformation that went beyond my expectations.

Shortly after this breakthrough with Julia, I decided to further my path of healing and reconciliation. I flew to Rome alone, just a few days into our time together in London. It was a step I had to take for myself and the family ties that needed mending. Meeting my father after not speaking for a year—the longest we had ever been apart—was emotional in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

With the space that distance had provided, I gained perspective and saw myself walking in the same shoes as my father. This realisation was a wake-up call; I was on the brink of losing everything, just as he had. Sitting with him then, I felt like I was giving back all the tangled vines that had bound us. But this time, they were untangled, and it was a gesture of unconditional love. It wasn’t about absolving the past but acknowledging that we could move forward.

Today, our life in Dubai is a testament to the miracles of authenticity, love, and vision. Our entrepreneurial ventures, the New Earth Cafe and Self Love Store, are more than businesses; they embody our commitment to fostering conscious, heart-centred communities. These projects, born from our shared vision, serve as platforms for others to embark on their journeys of self-discovery and healing.

From the ashes of my past, a new life has emerged. It’s a life where the love I once desperately sought is now the love I extend to myself and share with others. Though this journey is deeply personal, it underlines a universal truth: If we don’t go within, we go without!

As we journey through the layers of self-discovery, we must remember that our Higher Self resides just beyond the veil of our illusions, waiting to be embraced and understood.

To my dearest Julia, my incredible boys, and everyone in our New Earth family: your support and love fuel my journey, and our collective quest for peace & love on Earth.

I wish to dedicate this work to the memory and honour of Bob Hoffman, whose insights and dedication have illuminated many paths.

May we all strive for a world where understanding, peace, and love are not just ideals, but the foundations of our existence.

In love and honour,
Alex Roseman

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