The relationship you have with your parents,
is the relationship you have with the world!


elping people who have lost focus and purpose get back on the path of fulfillment, Alex Roseman explains why solving our relationship with our parents can help us find joy and success. When I share this concept with people, I regularly get met with silence, then they take a deep look into themselves, usually with their head

tilted, and then they repeat the question back to me.  Then say “hmmmm, that is interesting – my relationship with my parents is…erm not great!”

How many people do you know who are truly happy, blissful and joyful to be around, and then if asked  about their parents/caregivers will not have a kind word to say about them. I haven’t met anyone yet.

This article is aimed to best assist you on your journey, broken down to three simple steps on how to Wake Up! Go Big and Live Extraordinarily! 

" The story you tell yourself is like carrying a bag of bricks. "

The story we tell ourselves is running in the background and dictates our decisions unconsciously. My Story?
My mum died when I was nine years old and I wasn’t worthy enough for her to stay much less live. I felt unworthy.  So what happens when you carry around something like this?

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