we challenge your limitations

Everything we believe in is to challenge any and all limitations that may be holding you back individually and collectively. Giving you the tools, systems and resources in order to find your free will, create a space to discover yourself and to gift this to the world. To develop, grow and expand to new heights you’ve never experienced before.

Our combined roles and life experiences in relationships, running businesses, workshops, coaching and speaking globally has brought us together to share with you everything we know to serve you at the highest level. We will be brining you our real life experiences, as well as life experiences of other people in different formats, in order to navigate you through this world as it continues to unfold. To help you through your toughest and your best times.

Choice is power

The New Earth is our passion project where we share all our personal experiences with you directly to help you through your toughest and your best times.


Giving opportunities to grow with us at your own pace with no limits.


Conscious ecology is a state of being where all life understands and embraces the roles it plays in its ecosystems.

Energy Upgrades

As your collective consciousness rises, your energy intensifies.

Community Contributions

We are share stories in community contributions and experiences to serve the best and highest good of all involved.



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Now is the time to be real. Now is the time to be honest. Now is the time to be rare. It’s time to take action to reflect who you truly are, where all paradigms of separation and resistance no longer apply.

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